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Asia Messianic Forum

August 30(Mon.) - September 2(Thu.), 2021
Hosted by Wow International / AMF Goa Preparation Committee

Asia Messianic Forum is a unique international conference of Asian Christians and Israeli Messianic Jews. Since 12 years ago, it has been going around Asian countries and AMF GOA will be the seventh conference.
Due to the pandemic, we decided to have a virtual conference this year as a preparation for the actual conference in the near future. Since this will be online, you can join the exciting event from your home! Please join us!


1. Message From the Organizer
2. History and Vision of AMF
3. Conference Outline
4. How to join
5. Program
6. Main Speakers
7. International Partners
8. Hosting team

1. Words from Organizer

We have been part of AMF network since 2011, and witnessed the power and blessings of this Forum. That's why we were happy to receive the flag in Bangkok in 2019. Since then, we had been preparing for the conference, then the pandemic broke out. So, we were forced to switch it to online as a preparation for the actual AMF in the near future.
However, this will open doors for those who could not join the "offline" because of time and finances.
So, we set the vision and purpose of this AMF as follows:


1.Imparting the revelation and the importance of Israel and the Jewish people to the Indian Church.
2.Bring sound theological and biblical perspective teachings.
3.See what God is doing in various Asian AMF Nations where Israel and the Jewish people are concerned.

This AMF Includes:

* Online Worship & Praise
* Teachings from Israeli speakers
* Reports of Asian AMF Nations
* Q & A Forum

Please find the details on this web site and get connected. We welcome all of you!

Wow International
Andrew Yelchuri

2. History and Vision of Asia Messianic Forum

90 Years of Prayer was Behind AMF

In Japan, there has been a group of Christians who prayed for Israel's restoration since 90 years ago. When they started the prayer, of course there was no state of Israel, but a Japanese pastor Juji Nakada caught the vision and taught his followers to pray for Israel. Many Christians followed his teaching (it is quite a story.. see the 10-minutes video shot in 2005.) and now they get conntected with Messianic Jews in Israel. They were the key people who started AMF. AMF is an answer to their decades of prayers.

Beginning of AMF

It was the suggestion of Israeli Messianic Leaders that prompted the first Asia Messianic Forum (AMF2009) in Japan in 2009. At that time, they had no connections with Asian brothers, but through this conference, they got connected with like-minded Christians in other Asian countries.

The Vision of One New Man (Eph 2.15)

Jewish brothers who had been lost for 2000 years are now being restored in the Body of the Messiah (the church). The purpose of this conference is to spread this news to as many Christians as possible. Two thousand years ago, Jewish brothers decided to accept us Gentile brothers (Acts 15), and now it is our turn to accept our Jewish brothers(Romans 11).

Developent of AMF

The first Forum was attended by representatives of Korea, Singapore and Thailand, along with many Christians from more than 100 Japanese Chrsitian organizations. As it was so successful, we decided to have the Forum every two years.
The second Forum was held in 2011, in Korea and in Japan, jointly hosted by Korean Christians and Japanese Christians. This time, we made a flag of Asia Messianic Forum, and we had a flag handover ceremony in every forum after that.(picture on the left)
The third Forum was held in Singapore in 2013, and the fourth was held in Manila, the Philippines in 2015, and the fifth was held in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 2017.
The sixth Forum was held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2019. Then the flag was handed over to representatives from Goa, India.

Online Will Open New Doors!

We were supposed to have Goa AMF in 2021, but due to COVID pandemic, we decided to have the first online AMF as a preparation for the actual Goa AMF.
Online AMF is not a "substitute" for actual meeting, because it is much easier to join. You can join very easily from your home and witness what God is doing in Asia. If you have never attended AMF, please come and join!
We have nurtured friendship while going around countries, and the relationship brought a lot blessings, both for Israeli brothers and for Asian brothers. As the return of our Lord is coming closer, we will continue to work together to welcome back Him in Jerusalem!

3. Conference Outline

    August 30(Monday) - September 2(Thursday), 2021

Tentative Time Schedule:
    3 hours each day with a 30 minutes break
    (subject to some adjustments)

Timings for Different Time Zones
    12:30 - 16:00 - ISRAEL
    15:00 - 18:30 - INDIA
    16:30 - 20:00 - THAILAND
    18:30 - 22:00 - KOREA, JAPAN

    We are planning to provide translation to:
    Hindi, Thai, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
    If you want to add your language, please contact
    the hosting team. (see the bottom of this page.)

Main Speakers:
    1. Joseph Shulam (Netivyah)
    2. Peter Tsukahira (Carmel Assembly)
    3. Michael Zinn (Chosen People Ministries)
    Please see the details below.

Online Platform:

Application Fee will be FREE:
    However, we welcome freewill donations for
    the conference and for the ministries of
    the speakers and organizers.

4. How to Join

You need to REGISTER to get the right link and/or password.
Please Register NOW! Registration is FREE!

If you are living in JAPAN, KOREA, SINGAPORE, PHILIPPINES, TAIWAN or THAILAND, please see International Partners section and contact our partners.
Even if you don't live in these countries, if you are friends of our listed partners, please register through them.

People from INDIA, or friends of the Indian organizer, please register at this web site:

People from OTHER COUNTRIES, please register at the Indian site.

5. Program (Tentative)

TIME TABLE in local time
12:30-16:00-ISRAEL / 15:00-18:30-INDIA / 16:30-20:00-THAILAND
Welcoming from Goa
Japan AMF Founders Message
Speakers Bio
Teaching Session - 1 Peter Tsukahira
Asia Nation Report - 1 Thailand
Asia Nation Report - 2 Taiwan
Closing for a Day
Speakers Bio
Teaching Session - 2 Michael Zinn
Asia Nation Report - 3 Philippines
Asia Nation Report - 4 Singapore
15-Min Prayer Break
Teaching Session - 3 Joseph Shulam
Closing for a Day
Q & A Forum (Without Translation)
Speakers Bio
Teaching Session - 4 Peter Tsukahira
Asia Nation Report - 5 Korea
Asia Nation Report - 6 Japan
15-Min Prayer Break
Speakers Bio
Teaching Session - 5 Michael Zinn
Closing for a Day
Q & A Forum (Without Translation)
Speakers Bio
Teaching Session - 6 Joseph Shulam
20-Min Prayer Break
India Report / Invitation for AMF 2022
Blessings from the Speakers
Closing Ceremony, Communion
Q & A Forum (Without Translation)

This program is subject to change.

6. Main Speakers

We have invited three renowned speakers from Israel.

Peter Tsukahira
(Carmel Assembly)

Born to A Japanese American family and married to Rita. As his wife is Jewish, he received a burden for Israeal and moved to Israel in 1987. He is the Co-founder of Kehilat HaCarmel on the top of Mt. Carmel. He travels and teaches in Asian countries regularly. His book "God's Tsunami" is translated into many Asian languages.
Michael Zinn
(Chosen People Ministries, Israel Director)

Born to Jewish family of Holocaust survivors and moved to Israel with wife Natalie in 1989. Studied at Ukrainian University (CEng), Hebrew University (BA), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (MA), and Hebrew University.
Currently the director of Chosen People ministries in Israel and his office is in Jerusalem.
Joseph Shulam

The fouder of Netivyah, one of the oldest Messianic groups in Jerusalem, and one of the founding father of Messianic Jewish movement in Israel. Learned in an orthodox yeshiva, his teaching on the Jewish background of the New Testament is inspiring.
He authored commentaryes on the Book of Romans, on the Book of Acts and on the Book of Galatians.

They are all looking forward to seeing you online!

7. International Partners

Asia Messianic Forum is supported by the following International Organizations. If you live in one of the countries, please contact our local partners. If your country is not listed here, please contact the main organizer (see the bottom of this page.)
Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry
Kehilat HaCarmel
Chosen People Ministries (Jerusalem Office)
Registration from Israel
Pastors Andrew & Lavanya Yelchuri
H.No.114/1, Bhikerwada, Canacona, Goa 403702, India
Phones: +919561731738,+918329879619
Registration from Inida
One New Man Family
Contact Person: Rev.Poomwanetr Meteakrakul
107 Soi Sukhumvit 101/2 (Udomsuk 5)
Sukhumvit Road Bangna Bangkok 10260
TEL : +66-2-396-1193
ไทย Thai language
One_New_Man Facebook Group
Alice Pai

Registration from TAIWAN
Filippino Christian Friends of Israel Foundation, Inc
Rev. Beulah S. Badua, President & CEO
Tel: +63-7759-6618 Cell: +63-939-9064767
Address: 285 G N. Romualdez St., Daang Bakal, Mandaluyong City
One New Man Asia
Pastors Gilbert & Almena Carthigasu
TEL: +65-8344-0295
Address: Block 761 Pasir Ris Street 71 #030-214, Singapore 510761
Israel Ministries Network (IMN)
Director: Jae-nam (Jeremy) Park
International coordinator: Rev. Jeong Jacob Lee
Tel: +82-10-9227-1707
A Bridge Between Zion and Japan (BZJ)
Rev. Naoji lshiida +81-80-3103-6905
Shoji lshiida +81-80-3117-3008
Office: Tel:+81-78-341-7501
Address: Hirado Bldg. 4F, 2-2-18, Nakamachi-dori,Chuo-ku, Kobe JAPAN
Registration from JAPAN(日本語)

8. Hosting Team

Asia Messianic Forum Goa is hosted by the following organizations:"

Pastors Andrew & Lavanya Yelchuri
H.No.114/1, Bhikerwada, Canacona, Goa 403702, India
Phones: +919561731738,+918329879619